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Episode 15: Everything is coming up roses

By December 14, 2020 No Comments

Today’s episode, as the title suggests, is all about roses!

Roses are one of the more traditional flower breeds and have been a staple of many cultural and fashionable influences throughout history. In today’s show, I’ll be sharing a few famous figureheads with connections to this beautiful flower, as well as a brief history of when roses first became a popular symbol in society. I’ll also be diving into the theory behind vibrational frequencies and how essential oils may be scientifically linked to our body’s regulation of energy.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The aesthetic I aimed for when first planting my rose trellis (1:48)
  • A brief history on where roses originated and first became popular (2:53)
  • Cleopatra’s connection to roses and other iconic fragrances (5:24)
  • Some interesting facts on rose bushes and their variations (7:55)
  • The deeper reason behind why I decided to grow roses in my orchard (9:48)
  • Nicola Tesla’s vibrational theory (11:46)
  • Why essential oils may be a factor in regulating the megahertz within our bodies (13:19)

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