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Episode 16: Living Wall Bringing Nature Indoors

By January 1, 2021 No Comments

Our relationship with nature is symbiotic
As our lives become increasingly busier, we lose track of our connection to the environment around us and it’s often easy to forget how beneficial being in nature truly is. In today’s episode, I want to share my perspective on why having a relationship with the natural world is so important.  We spend hours inside in artificial light often with air polluted by toxins.  I look at the effect that environmental withdrawal has on our bodies and how a living walls in houses and work environments ( Skogluft ) can enhance our lives.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The effect that nature withdrawal can have on us (1:17)
  • Why fear dictates so many of our interactions with others and the environment (5:09)
  • What the Japanese practice of ‘Forest Bathing’ refers to (7:05)
  • Why essential oils produced in nature are so beneficial for our immune and parasympathetic nervous systems (8:07)
  • How the ‘Baader-Meinhof’ phenomenon has presented itself in my life lately (10:24)
  • What the ‘Forest Air Method’ is (11:51)
  • Why having a connection to nature can positively impact our energy levels (12:49)
  • How plants operate as ‘mini ecosystems’ (18:30)
  • The benefits of full-spectrum light as opposed to artificial light (21:54)
  • Equipment you will need to build a flower wall (24:36)


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