Episode 14: Handy tips for a good nights sleep. Head into Nature

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You’re probably wondering how sleep relates to our connection with nature, right?   Well, in today’s episode I’ll be sharing exactly why our sleeping habits are so inherently connected to the world around us! Yes nature plays a big role in our ability to sleep.  I’ll be discussing the science I’ve learned in regards to our circadian rhythms, our brain’s perception of light signals, the negative effects of artificial light and so much more in regards to getting a good night’s rest.

To learn more, tune in to Episode 14 of Flowerhood!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How my cat, Braveheart, came into my life (1:56)
  • Statistics on cat ownership and why it reduces our risk of cardiovascular issues (4:41)
  • My personal history with poor sleeping patterns (6:22)
  • Why studies on the brain and its connection to sleep have increased (7:46)
  • How our sleeping habits have evolved over time (8:53)
  • How circadian rhythms and melatonin affect our sleep (10:56)
  • What happens to our brains when we introduce artificial light & How we can counteract its negative effects (14:10)
  • Why getting out into nature helps us to get our sleep schedules back on track (17:06)

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