Episode 21 – Plant Based Skincare with Lisa Goodeve

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Have you ever wondered what power the plant world holds for your skin? Are you fed up with being marketed creams and potions filled with God-only-knows-what? Oftentimes, even if we’re nourishing our bodies with whole foods, exercise, and mindfulness, we’re still missing out on nurturing our largest organ: our skin. 

Lisa Goodeve Plant skincareIn this episode, I speak with skin therapist and plant-based skincare expert Lisa Goodeve to get to the bottom of what’s really lurking in the products we put on our face and learn how our daily lifestyle can affect everything from acne to aging. 

Tune into Episode 21 of Flowerhood to learn about the tenets of great skin and to see how closely they align with the principles of great overall health. 



In this episode you will learn:

  • The biggest factor in your skin’s premature aging (9:00)
  • Why it’s so important to look for the words paraben-free on our cosmetics and skincare (10:16)
  • How to decipher the label natural in the world of beauty (17:03)
  • How to read past phony marketing and why commercial skincare can sometimes do more harm than good  (26:40)
  • Why diet and environment are the two greatest hurdles for great skin (32:58)

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