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Episode 20 – Empathy in Nature

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Empathy In Nature

Have you seen the beautiful image captured by photographer Tobias Baumgartner last year? The one with two penguins embracing? That is one of the most touching photos I’ve ever seen, and there’s an incredible story tied to those penguins, that proves empathy is all around us.


In this episode, I want to share with you an amazing incident that happened right here, in my orchard, that got me thinking about empathy in nature. Believe me, if anyone told me the story you’re going to hear, I wouldn’t have believed it, but it happened, and it taught me a great lesson about leading with empathy and just showing kindness to those around you.

Tune in to Episode 20 of Flowerhood, to learn the impact empathy has on anyone, whether it’s a chicken, a penguin, or an employer at work.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The experience I had that got me thinking about empathy in nature. (01:56)
  • There’s always a lesson in everything in life. (11:15)
  • The story behind Tobias Baumgartner’s photo of two penguins embracing. (12:21)
  • The importance of being an empathetic leader. (15:38)


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