Episode 17 Align with Nature with Surf, Sea and Sand

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We all have that one thing we’ve been meaning to cross off our bucket list. Whether it be joining that club we’ve been eyeing, picking up a new hobby, or even booking our dream holiday, we can all definitely relate to the feeling of curiosity when it comes to trying new things.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing what that leap of faith felt like for me as someone who has been wanting to surf for over twenty years, why I’m so passionate about creating vision boards in the new year, and how this new venture has given me a deeper appreciation for the natural world around me.

Tune in to Episode 17 of Flowerhood to hear more!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why I make a vision board at the start of each year (1:38)
  • Why I’ve kept a surfing picture on my vision board for over twenty years (4:12)
  • Some background on my previous guest, Duane Heil (7:01)
  • Where the disconnection to nature and those around us stems from (8:38)
  • A brief history of New Zealand’s surf scene (10:11)
  • Why we should take the leap of faith to try new things we’ve been curious about (12:27)
  • What my very first surf lesson was like (14:40)

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People Mentioned:

  • Bing Copeland
  • Rick Stone

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