Episode 13: Stories from Childhood connect us with Nature

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Today’s episode is going to be a little different.  Because reading has been an integral part of my upbringing and has helped me further my own education on the world around us, I wanted to share a few passages from my favourite book series, The Little House, and another much-loved childhood book The Secret Garden!  Both books have themes integral to nature.

The nine-volume series consists of many stories that enrich our understanding of and appreciation for nature. One book, in particular, The Little House in the Big Woods, is one example of this, as the stories presented in this book informed my opinions and romantic ideals of American farmland. These books also introduced me to new and exciting things outside of my New Zealand bubble and were a fantastic learning opportunity on the value of our environment.

In contrast, The Secret Garden is a much-loved childhood book set in the English countryside. In contrast to vast prairies and woods, this book focuses on a walled and contained garden.

To hear The Little House and The Secret Garden excerpts, tune in to Episode 13 of Flowerhood!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The types of plants I’m currently growing in my Orchard (1:12)
  • How the books from my childhood impacted me throughout my life (4:10)
  • An excerpt from, The Little House in the Big Woods (6:19)
  • An excerpt from The Little House on the Prairie
  • An excerpt from The Secret Garden where Mary discovers a coveted and beautiful garden (12:37)
  • How these stories connect us to our environment (23:47)

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