Episode 11: Tips for the Dreamers looking to buy an Orchard

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This one is for the dreamers!   Tips for dreamers and first time orchard buyers

It recently came to my attention through someone I’d met that I never really learned how to operate an orchard. There was really no official class that I could take on how to approach this exciting and sometimes daunting new venture, but that didn’t stop me from taking it on with curiosity and perseverance. I’ve learned so much throughout this journey and felt the need to share some of those lessons with you all today, particularly for those out there wanting to nurture their own orchard one day. 

I’ll be sharing some of my most important tips and tricks in relation to growing, how different types of soil are utilized in the ground, and the impact that photosynthesis has on a plant’s growth rate. I’ll also be discussing what I think are some of the main aspects to look for when ‘designing our dream’ and how we can use the right mindset to achieve our goals. 

Tune in to Episode 11 of Flowerhood, to find out more! 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

    • A message to any listeners who are in need of an escape (5:01)
    • What my ‘office’ looks like in the orchard (5:53)
    • How your work life can be dictated by nature and the seasons (7:05)
    • Tips for those out there who are pursuing or manifesting their dream (7:32)
    • Questions to ask yourself when ‘designing your dream’ (8:54)
    • Why size is important to consider in relation to your orchard (11:54)
    • The process of photosynthesis in growing (14:16)
    • Why you may eventually need to sacrifice some trees in your orchard in order to gain the most sunlight (17:58)
    • My tips on adapting soil types to your individual orchard (19:04)
    • Why mulching is such a vital component to your gardening process (22:13)
    • How ‘companion planting’ helps to break down compacted soil in your orchard (23:07)
    • Why you need to have a toolbelt on hand when gardening (25:23)

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