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Episode 12: The Beauty of the English Countryside with guest Peter Kinnaird

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Flowerhood: Episode #12 The Beauty of the English Countryside, with Peter Kinnaird – Show Notes

There are so many things to appreciate when it comes to rural living. 

Joining me on the show today is someone who has taken in those wonders first hand, Peter Kinnaird! Peter is a long time Managing Director and Marketing Director within the car manufacturing industry and made the move to greener pastures, now residing comfortably in the English countryside.  

In this episode, we dive into his background within the vehicle industry, having worked at many notable companies such as, ‘British Leyland’ , ‘BMW’, ‘Alfa Romeo’ and ‘Land Rover’, the contrast of his life now having disconnected from the hustle and bustle of city life, as well as the many benefits that living close to nature has brought both of us.  

To hear more, tune in to Episode 12 of Flowerhood!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did you grow up as a child? (4:53)
  • What were your holidays like living in England? (9:02)
  • What did you do after you left school? (13:03)
  • What is one of the business techniques you’ve carried over from your more difficult days in the car industry? (18:00)
  • When did you move towards the English countryside? (21:59)
  • When did you buy, Moat Farm? (29:19)
  • Do you ever think about the contrast of your Essex upbringing to the life you have now in the countryside? (36:11)
  • What do you love about where you’re living currently? (45:50)
  • Does Worcestershire sauce really originate in Worcestershire? (52:00)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The relationship England has had historically with France and Spain (10:44)
  • Some background on ‘British Leyland’ & what Peter learned from his tenure at the company (14:13)
  • What Peter’s transition to ‘BMW’ was like after working for ‘British Leyland’ (19:00)
  • Peter’s take on the architectural and aesthetic aspects of rural England (24:16)
  • Peter’s proximity to the farm connected to J.R.R. Tolkein (26:16)
  • How rural living detaches us from materialism (39:54)


The Barn for rent at Moat Farm run by Peter & Jude.   Dovecote Barn on AirBNB

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