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Episode 9 A New way to Introduce Yourself

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A New Way of Introducing Yourself to the Rest of the World

Usually, when we’re asked to introduce ourselves, we start by stating our name and our profession. But the truth is, we are so much more than just these two attributes. We are born in a certain place, we’re surrounded by all these amazing natural beauties, and we’re connected to all our ancestors. That’s something that’s worth mentioning when someone meets us for the first time, don’t you think?

Imagine how our perception to everything would change if we focused on our natural environment first and how it would form our decisions going forward if we looked to our mountain, our ocean, our stream, our lake, and honor them, give them the respect they deserve – and then honor all those people who came before us.


Today, I wanted to take you through a bit of history of the Te Reo language, spoken by the Māori people in New Zealand – particularly, their way of introducing themselves. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating how they acknowledge nature’s role in our existence.

Tune in and listen to Episode 9 of Flowerhood, to learn more about this amazing language and the people who speak it.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The correct way to harvest your avocados. (01:23)
  • How the industry tests a kiwi fruit. (04:45)
  • My new project that entails creating an organic orchard. (06:19)
  • My involvement in the Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within virtual event. (06:56)
  • How languages play an important role in truly knowing someone & the history of the Te Reo language spoken by the Māori people. (07:44)
  • The traditional Māori way to greet or introduce yourself. (09:20)

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