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Episode 8 Setting Sail Towards a Life-Long Dream with guest Duane Heil

By September 15, 2020 November 29th, 2020 No Comments

This week, we’re taking a dive under the sea! 

Joining me in this episode is a long-time developer, contractor, engineer, designer of eco-friendly construction – ‘Vitruvian’ and sailing aficionado, Duane Heil! Duane shares the incredible story of how he packed up his former life and traded it in to sail around the world on a boat. The decision was not one he made lightly, having uprooted everything around him and shifting the relationships between him and the people he loved, but it was a trek that has changed his life for the better and made him into the person he is today. 

We chat about what led Duane to make such a huge life decision and how living on the ocean has given him a greater appreciation for the elements. He also gets candid on the vulnerability behind missing your children while being so far away from them and how his daily routine looks compared to how it used to be on land.  

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Some Questions I Ask:

  • Could you give a bit of background on where you’re calling from and your boat’s name? (4:08)
  • What landed you on the decision to leave California? (6:00)
  • During your lowest moment, what made you shift your mindset towards knowing you were going to sail the world? (25:23)
  • What does a day living on your boat look like compared to your life before? (37:25)
  • Could you describe the connection you have to nature and the ocean? (44:59)
  • What is your current mantra & what was the mantra you used to live by? (51:57)
  • Do you know what’s next for you? (55:44)
  • Is there anything you’d like to leave my listeners with? (58:58)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on Duane Heil (1:58)
  • The true meaning of Duane’s surname (3:04)
  • The camping trip that made Duane realize he wanted to sail around the world (8:55)
  • Duane’s experience building ‘Vitruvian’ (13:04)
  • How much Duane has changed since appearing in the ‘Vitruvian’ documentary (14:09)
  • The effect notoriety had on Duane’s career & Duane’s reflection on his younger years as a builder (15:39)
  • Duane’s perspective on materialism & and the compromises one makes for family (16:50)
  • Where Duane’s fear of letting go stemmed from (19:54)
  • Duane’s memories with lemon orchards & what it taught him about giving attention to the things he wanted to flourish (23:10)
  • What made Duane realize he was going to live his dream now (24:52)
  • The impact of identity & advice given to Duane by the Coach of the ‘Cal Berkeley’ Football Team  (31:33)
  • The story behind the name ‘Grateful’ on Duane’s boat (42:57)
  • How living on the ocean gave Duane a deeper appreciation for nature (47:36)

Let’s Connect! 

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