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Episode 7: Forest Bathing, Funghi Networks and a Holistic approach to Ecology

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Episode 7: Forest Bathing, Funghi Networks and a Holistic approach to Ecology


Flowerhood: Episode #7 Forest Bathing, Fungi Networks & a Holistic Approach to Ecology – Show Notes

If there’s one thing I’m grateful isolation has brought us, it’s time. Time to reflect, and more importantly be present in the moments we’ve been given. On a recent trip, I took to Hanmer Springs, New Zealand I learned the value of just this, by engrossing myself in the world of ‘forest bathing’ and discovering a new appreciation for trees! 

In this episode, I’ll be discussing the genuine effect that trees have on our mental wellbeing, exploring the traditional Japanese and Māori practices, ‘Shinrin Yoku’ and Rongoā Māori, as well as share some useful lessons from Biologist and Professor of Forest Ecology, Susanne Simard. Her research, based within critical and scientific aspects of ecology, also expands on the altruistic and mutually beneficial ecosystem that functions amongst tree and forest life.   


To learn more about this fascinating topic, tune in to Episode 7 of Flowerhood! 


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on my recent trip to Hanmer Springs, New Zealand and the resort (2:02)
  • The resort’s connection to WWII & Psychological treatments they offered Veterans (3:31)
  • What hiking through Hanmer Springs made me realize about the power of nature and it’s authentic beauty (5:04)
  • Why trees have made me feel so good lately (6:41)
  • The Japanese practice of ‘Shinrin Yoku’ and its relation to the 5 senses (7:11)
  • How trees’ aroma improves mental wellbeing (8:21)
  • The traditional Māori healing system, Rongoā Māori (9:15)
  • How essential oils support the human immune system & Evidence from a 2005 Japanese study (10:37)
  • Statistics on our interactions with nature (12:41)
  • Why a trees’ ecosystem is referred to as ‘The Wood Wide Web’ (15:44)
  • A breakdown of ‘Mycorrhizal Fungi’ & why it’s a mutually beneficial element to a tree’s ecosystem (17:26)
  • The work that researcher, ‘Susanne Simard’ has contributed to the field of Forest Ecology (20:00)
  • How trees send ‘defense signals’ to each other (21:35)
  • Why our forests should be diverse (24:25)

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