Episode 6: From City Streets to Global Trekker with guest Nicole Saucier

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Flowerhood: Episode #6 From City Streets to Global Trekker with Nicole Saucier

Show Notes

As someone with such a deep-rooted connection to nature and having been brought up with a foundational appreciation for rural living, it’s always a treat getting to speak with someone who has made that discovery later on in life. Joining me today is Nicole Saucier, a city-dwelling Banking and Finance Expert, former Vice President of one of the most well-known branches in America, Merryl Lynch, and current Yoga Teacher. 

In this episode, Nicole shares the incredible story of how she undertook her journey trekking through twenty-three National Parks across three different countries. She also gives advice to those out there looking to take on similar physical and emotional challenges, as well as compare her lifestyle in the city with what she has learned on the road.    


She also gives her perspective on how Yoga has been so life-changing for her and how developing this newfound relationship with nature was so necessary. To hear more, tune in to Episode 6 of Flowerhood!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What was your upbringing like in Massachusetts? (3:05)
  • Were you training to become a Yoga Teacher while also working in Finance? (4:56)
  • How did the idea formulate for you to start trekking twenty-three national parks? (6:58)
  • Did you ever go tramping or trekking as a child? (9:06)
  • What were some of the things that you feared before embarking on your trip? (10:42)
  • Where do you think your fear of cliff edges came from? (16:13)
  • Were there any new practices that you incorporated on the road while undergoing so many physical and emotional endurances? (17:07)
  • Was there ever a point where you felt overwhelmed to the point where you wanted to stop? (19:03)
  • Are there any parallels between the mental hurdles you overcame within your Banking career and the physical challenges you faced on this trip? (21:04)
  • What were some of the things that you really missed from back home & What was it like leaving your Shi-Tzus during that time? (23:13)
  • What was your experience of the plant and animal life in New Zealand (26:57)
  • Did you do any of the tramps around New Zealand? (30:18)
  • Where do you think you’re going to go from here? (33:52)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Some background on Nicole Saucier (1:08)
  • Why Yoga created such a huge shift in Nicole’s life & Allowed her to develop a deeper connection with herself (3:37)
  • How Nicole met her travel partner and fellow New Zealander, who helped her to develop the relationship she now has with nature (5:30)
  • The juxtaposition of my upbringing around nature compared to Nicole’s (8:13)
  • Where Nicole started on her travel expedition (9:44)
  • Nicole’s retelling of her hike through the Grand Canyon & What it taught her about courage and determination (12:08)
  • What the New Zealand leg of Nicole’s trip working with the ‘SPCA’ consisted of (25:32)
  • How adjusting to farm life was an opportunity for Nicole to slow down in comparison to the hustle and bustle of her city life (31:20)

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