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Episode 5: Busting the Myths on Plant Based eating with guest Kerryn Sawyer

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Flowerhood: Episode #5 (Busting the Myths Behind Plant-Based Eating, with Kerryn Sawyer
Show Notes

Today’s episode is looking at plants from a different angle, we head out of the garden and onto the plate, as I will be diving into the topic of plant-based eating! I’m joined by Certified Plant-Based Nutrition and Health Coach, Kerryn Sawyer, who shares her knowledge and expertise into this incredibly insightful subject. Kerryn holds a wonderful philosophy on reframing how to approach drastic changes in our eating habits and busts the common myths that are all too present amongst individuals wanting to make those dietary transitions.

There are so many resources out there that can further our education on this and it’s vital that we inform ourselves on the facts when it comes to our food intake. We discuss why a foundational understanding of healthy eating is so beneficial when growing up, the effects that nutrients have on our immune system, and how certain foods can accelerate the production of cancer cells, as well as advice for those who are intimidated or concerned about reducing their meat intake. 

To learn more and to hear Kerryn’s story in more depth, tune in to Episode 5 of Flowerhood!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Could you talk a little bit about your upbringing and how your diet growing up led you to pursuing the work you do now? (5:55)
  • Do you think you were leading a nutritionally balanced life in your younger years, before you had the knowledge you do now? (14:19)
  • What was the calling you knew you had to pursue in addition to the work you were already doing in your early years? (16:16)
  • Could you expand on the control we have over our physical and anatomical environment? (20:43)
  • Are plant-based proteins affecting the body in the same way animal products are? (25:03)
  • What is the difference between someone who is plant-based and someone who is vegan or vegetarian & can you explain what wholefood means? (26:04)
  • What is your personal view on using supplements as a replacement for the nutrients we’re not getting in our diet? (30:34)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • My thoughts on the ‘vegan revolution’ within the food world (1:31)
  • Kerryn’s experience with animal activism and making the transition to veganism with her partner throughout her twenties (10:53)
  • Why Kerryn decided she would become a vegan if she were to be diagnosed with cancer (16:53)
  • My experience with my melanoma diagnosis & why I feel it is rooted in my calling to transition into plant-based eating (19:46)
  • Kerryn’s insights into how our immune system operates in relation to cancer cells & How it responds to environmental toxins and infections (22:46)
  • What is contributing to the acceleration process of cancer cells in the body (23:45)
  • Kerryn’s advice for those who are concerned that they won’t receive enough protein from a plant-based diet (34:24)
  • The first steps to approaching a plant-based diet & How Kerryn’s work helps individuals wanting to transform their diet (40:31)

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