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Episode 4: Orchids and indoor gardening with guest Stephanie Brown

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Flowerhood: Episode #4

Creating a Personal and Professional Balance Through Indoor Gardening, with Stephanie Brown

Show Notes

Stef-BrownI am so excited to be joined by Stephanie Brown on the podcast today! Stephanie is a London-based Marketing Consultant, Brand Reputation Specialist, and has founded the successful marketing firm, ‘On Pointe Marketing’. Though, what piqued my interest was her profound interest in the world of orchids. Tending to orchids is such a contrast from her routine as a business owner and consultant and she shares a few of her insights as to how it has been such a grounding experience for her.    In this episode, we discuss why gardening has been used as a way to create balance for Stephanie as someone who is so immersed in the marketing world, how gardening and caring for plants has been a true lesson in patience, as well as a few tips and tricks that have helped Stephanie properly care for and nurture her orchids. To learn more, tune in to Episode 4 of Flowerhood!


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Could you talk a little bit about your life and background before entering into the marketing sphere? (5:26)
  • What propelled you to start growing orchids? (7:07)
  • What stage of growth were you purchasing your plants in when ordering them online? (14:56)
  • Could you expand on why you’re more interested in the leaves and roots of a flower rather than the petals? (20:39)
  • How would you recommend growing and caring for a store-bought orchid after purchasing it? (24:52)
  • What do you do when you’re away from home and aren’t able to look after your plants? (32:30)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • An introduction to Stephanie Brown (1:33)
  • Where the term ‘On Pointe’ stems from (6:49)
  • Opinions and misconceptions surrounding supermarket grown orchids (8:15) 
  • Why Stephanie started buying orchids from Europe & what she learned from the process of growing them in the UK (11:32)
  • Why growing orchids is a life lesson in patience (16:39)
  • The juxtaposition between marketing and gardening & why they are such a perfect balance for Stephanie (17:43)
  • How gardening can be used as a meditative and grounding exercise (20:04)
  • The controversy that is present in the gardening community surrounding the way in which Stephanie grows her orchids (26:55) 
  • The media used to grow orchids in the mass market that Stephanie isn’t a fan of (30:19)
  • How Stephanie showed her neighbours the magic of caring for orchids (32:30)
  • How being around nature has had a physiological effect on me (36:11)

More photos of Stephanie’s Orchids

Connect With Stephanie Brown:

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