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Episode 3: Outcome, Purpose, Action

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Episode 3: Outcome, Purpose, Action

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Flowerhood Podcast. Outcome, Purpose, Action – Acts such as defining outcomes, knowing your why’s, and taking action, as long as pursued with determination, create results.

Episode 3 - what makes your soul sing

You need to be passionate about the vision you’re pursuing, both in your mind and in your soul. Outcome, purpose, action. An inexhaustible flow of creating new outcomes and going after them creates a fluidity in the process that will make you achieve what you set your mind to.

Today, I bring to you how, through following this process, I managed to turn my underperforming orchard into a productive one and also how much I have surprisingly learned from my biggest joy on the orchard, my chickens.

Join myself, Alex Frankpitt, in episode 3 of Flowerhood, the gardening podcast to listen to for inspiration while you further explore your connection to nature.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What I did to turn my underperforming orchard into a quality one (02:53)
  • How my favourite chicken inspired the model that has helped my life (04:37)
  • What is the three-step rule (05:21)
  • The origin of the 80/20 rule and what it means (09:08)

Books/programmes mentioned

E Myth Mastery.  The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company

By Michael E. Gerber

The Time of Your Life – Time and Life Management System – 10 day programme

by Tony Robbins

Pareto Principle. An easy explanation can be found here  The 80 20 Rule

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