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Episode 2: Dementia, my Mum and an Epiphany

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Episode 2: Dementia, my Mum, my Epiphany

Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome to the second Episode of Flowerhood! On the podcast today, I’ll be sharing my experience with caring for a family member living with dementia, in particular, my Mother!  

The topic of dementia and other chronic brain disorders like it, conjure up a range of emotions for individuals when brought up in conversation. It is such a complex illness and those of us who have been exposed to family members who are diagnosed, it has not been an easy road. We’ve made mistakes and slipped up along the way, and I’ll be sharing some of the things that helped me during that process. 

I’ll also be talking about how my experience attending Tony Robbins’ ‘Date With Destiny’ was such a turning point in further understanding dementia as a whole. To hear more, tune in to this week’s installment of Flowerhood!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • A background on my Mother and her experience with dementia (1:21)
  • An important thing to remember about dementia (3:37)
  • What I’ve realized looking back on where my Mother’s illness started to form & How those experiences carried over into my Father’s passing (4:18)
  • What happened to my Mum when she started to forget short-term information (6:30)
  • How my Mother’s symptoms started to escalate as her diagnosis progressed (7:40)
  • How the lessons I learned at Tony Robbins’ seminars taught me to approach dementia in a better way & A breakdown of the ‘Six Human Needs’ (9:05)
  • How understanding what my Mum needed in her life helped me cope and give me peace of mind (11:31)
  • What dementia taught me about applying critical attitudes towards my Mum’s behaviors (12:36)
  • Why I decided to attend Tony Robbins’ ‘Date With Destiny’ seminar (14:18)
  • What I experienced during my ‘epiphany’ & How that moment made me better understand my skillset (16:48)
  • How a dementia diagnosis can leave family members’ feeling disconnected (20:50)
  • How I came up with the idea to launch my personal online hub (21:49)

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